Terms for repairs


  1. PC Workshop (PCW) will accept no responsibility whatsoever for any system(s) brought into the workshop whereby a repair by the customer or any third party has already been attempted. Furthermore, if the system does not power on it will be assumed that the system is none functional.
  2. By leaving your goods at the PCW premises for repair you agree to the recommendations of the engineer responsible for carrying out that repair which may involve reconfiguring the machine in such a manner that it may differ from the original condition in which the system was brought in.
  3. When a full operating system installation has been carried out, PCW will not be held responsible for any additional work that may be necessary at the customer’s premises. This includes internet or printer setup and any additional peripheral devices.
  4. The customer should specify exactly which data must be retained when a system is formatted and data recovery/backup is required. Failure to specify this information will result in the engineers backing up data at their discretion. PCW will not be held responsible for data loss under any circumstances.
  5. Additional applications will only be installed if the customer supplies the installation software together with the appropriate licences at the time the job is received. However, this may incur further charges.
  6. Cheques are not accepted. Payment can be made in cash or by card in the workshop, unless you have an existing account with PCW.
  7. Any goods left for repair must be paid for and collected within 28 DAYS from the date of job completion otherwise the equipment will be disposed of at the discretion of PCW
  8. Standard diagnostic charge: £10 Extended diagnostics: £25 (redeemable if any work is carried out).